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Hi there, I’m John

A young man sits before a laptop in a library.  He is gesturing to a book as he teaches an online student.


When I got to my senior year in high school, I was in trouble.  I knew that I loved both classical guitar and physics-but I had no idea whatsoever I should do for my college applications.  Which one should I pursue?  Could I try to major in both?  And which schools were even good for those majors?

In late August, we turned to outside assistance: a professional college consultant.  I went into my first session feeling lost and left it changed.  Within a week, she had put together not one, not two, but twenty colleges that I might be interested in.

With her assistance, I got into all of my top pick colleges, all with the largest scholarships they offered.  I ended up going to Lawrence University, an up-and-coming liberal arts college that gave me the freedom to pursue all of my disparate interests, from math and physics to music history and guitar.  It wasn’t just a good college-it was a perfect fit for who I was as a person.


When I’m asked what makes for a good teacher, I don’t think of any of my actual teachers.  Rather, I always remember my college consultant.  She didn’t give me anything; instead, she helped me make decisions and follow through with them.  She was fully focused when I needed assistance and gave me space when I had the motivation to keep going on my own.  And she always went above and beyond.

Here at Tailored Tutoring, we hope to provide the same experience-the same degree of devotion-for our students.

For students working towards standardized tests, we write material specifically for their needs, based off of our encyclopedic research on the importance of each question type on the SAT and ACT.

For students struggling with schoolwork, we provide supplemental blogposts so that when they approach their finals, they know right where to look for a refresher on the topics that were hardest for them.

And for students who are working on their college applications-well, you’ve just read about the experience we’d love to give them!


Bachelor's Degree in Music Performance


I went to college angling to get a double degree in classical guitar performance and physics-an eclectic combination, to say the least!  While the applied aspects of physics didn't end up much appealing to me, dropping it let me explore a wide variety of subjects, from history and anthropology to pure mathematics!

Of course, you might also be interested in my record on standardized tests.  I did okay on the ACT; I got a 34 on my first attempt, placing me easily in the 99th percentile.  I did a little better on the SAT: I was a National Merit Scholar, an honor accorded to only 8,000 students each year - around the top 0.5th percentile.

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